Sang by Mabasa

Sáng by Mabasa is a family-run restaurant and a follow-up to the owners’ first restaurant, Mabasa, in Balmain. Sáng is a must-visit for lovers of Korean cuisine, as the restaurant aims to bring authentic Korean flavours to Surry Hills, all while experimenting with modern plating. More than just being Instagrammable, the restaurant’s dishes are unique and innovative, using the visual appeal of contemporary presentation to highlight the delicate combinations of tried-and-true Korean flavours. Be sure to try their take on banchan, jeonbok jjim, noodles and bibimbap, and have a taste of an authentic Korean beer to round out your meal.

Restaurant Name: Sang by Mabasa

Address: 98 Fitzroy St, Surry Hills


Phone: (02) 9331 5175